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trecool_daily's Journal

Tré Cool Daily
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Part of the greenday_daily family:
trecool_daily : dirnt_is_love : billiejoe_daily

Welcome to Tré Cool Daily. This community is dedicated to posting pictures of Tré Cool.


1. This is a pictures only community. Every post MUST contain a picture of Tré Cool.

2. When posting very large or large amounts of pictures, you must put them behind a LJ-cut. Typically if pictures are wider than 500px they should go behind a cut. If you do not know how to use a cut go here.

3. No Direct Linking!

4. Do not advertise other communities.

5. Because this is a picture community, all posts with icons/graphics must contain at least one regular picture.

6. NO PHOTOGRAPHS OF TRÉ'S KIDS. This includes icons/graphics.

7. ANY photographs that would be considered sexually explicit by Livejournal's Standards needs to be BEHIND a cut and with a WARNING.

Any posts that do not follow the rules will be deleted.

If you have any questions feel free to contact a mod.